Titans VS Chiefs playoff preview

Why square measure the Titans roaring running the ball? Is that their arrange on Saturday?
MCM: They haven’t been nearly as roaring running the ball this year as they were last year. The raw numbers still look smart as a result of they run it 1,000,000 times a game (slight exaggeration). The offensive line has struggled to urge an equivalent push this year that they did last year. they need conjointly continued to convey carries to associate degree ineffective DeMarco Murray. That won’t be a problem during this game as Murray won’t be taking part in, however Derrick Henry struggled last week within the feature role.

But a troubled running play and a franchise quarterback UN agency would thrive in an exceedingly unfold offense square measure nothing to discourage this team from running the ball thirty times a game. that may be the arrange on Saturday. Hopefully it’ll really work this time!

AP: square measure the Titans turnover prone? Why numerous interceptions for Mariota?
MCM: Mariota has been turnover prone this season. we have a tendency to all would like that we have a tendency to may decipher the rationale why. i’ll say that he has looked higher within the last 3 games minus one terrible have a say the Rams game in Week sixteen. He hasn’t been comfy all year. generally it’s like he decides wherever he’s progressing to throw the ball before the ball is snapped. That seems to be what happened within the Rams game. There square measure alternative times wherever he simply sails the ball as a result of he doesn’t step into a throw. that might be as a results of the injury last year or the hamstring injury he suffered earlier this season. Then there square measure times wherever he isn’t on an equivalent page together with his receivers. the mixture of all of these factors have crystal rectifier to his problems this year.

AP: What will we have a tendency to expect from the Titans pass rush?
MCM: The Titans pass rush has been up and down this season. they need some proficient pass rushers in Jurrell Casey, Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan, however they need had bother about to the quarterback sometimes after they haven’t blitzed. Dick LeBeau has done an excellent job of adjusting in game to dial up a lot of blitzes after they haven’t been able to get home while not it. there’s no higher example of this than the Monday Night football against the Colts. Jacoby Brissett was carving them up within the half. They went when him within the last half and shut him down.

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